Recovering deleted files

Data recovery of deleted files which is sometimes called undelete is only applied if there was no catastrophic damage and you need only a few files recovered. For a catastrophic damage or if many files are lost, refer to unformat.

Once you realize that some files were deleted, before you rush to recover deleted data with a data recovery software, check the Recycle Bin. Once you checked it and found no files in there, you need a special undelete software to get your files back.

The key point in recovering deleted files is to stop using the drive immediately. In addition, it is important never install any software to the drive containing deleted files. If you need to recover deleted files from a drive containing Windows installation, you should install ReclaiMe File Recovery on a different drive (possibly onto an USB stick).

Recovering deleted files with ReclaiMe

  1. If you plan to recover many large files, make sure you have enough free space on another drive or on a network to hold all the recovered data. Never put the recovered files onto the same drive you are recovering deleted files from.
  2. Download, install, and run ReclaiMe File Recovery software.
  3. Identify the drive containing the deleted files in the device list.
  4. Double click the drive in the device list to start recovery.
  5. The files are displayed as soon as they are discovered. In most cases you do not have to wait before the scan completes. All the information needed to recover deleted data is typically collected within the first five minutes of the analysis. Once the folder tree appears, start browsing for a file you need right away.
  6. Consider using the search feature of ReclaiMe to locate the deleted files you are after.
  7. Select the files or folders you want to recover and click the Save button on the toolbar.

All the steps on video

The video is created by Ryan Matthew Pierson.

More info

File deletion technical reference tells what happens to deleted files and how file deletion implements in different filesystems.
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